Digitizing various industry processes with AI Computer Vision-based Augmented Reality
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Quality control has become synonymous with manufacturing. Nowadays, companies strive to achieve maximum production capacities while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Conventionally, manufacturers employ a large number of industrial workers that manually inspect each item coming out of the assembly line. Such a method has multiple obvious drawbacks.



Artificial Intelligence is making traditional claims processing a thing of the past. Companies are pioneering new cognitive solutions that are making the claims process faster, smarter and more efficient than ever before.

With the overnight shift to remote working, claims surges resulting from havoc wrought by the pandemic and customers…

Source : Tapkey.com

Telematics-powered auto insurance is a form of policy in which insurance companies rely on in-car tracking devices to monitor your driving habits and tendencies. These devices track your vehicle’s speed, mileage, total driving time and other factors to help determine the policyholder’s car insurance premiums.

In motor policy risk underwriting…

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Data is transforming the way we live and how consumers engage with service providers.

Now is the time for the insurance industry to leverage AI technology to unlock the power of data and provide personalized services that customers demand to retain them as loyal customers.

AI technology provides insurers with…

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The Solar industry has experienced tremendous growth in past years, with the percentage of solar installations increasing day by day.

However, there are many unexpected challenges with solar electrification that entrepreneurs are learning about while doing business in these sectors, including installation and maintenance, deployment remote locations, and high cost.

Source : PropertyCasualty360

Artificial Intelligence within the Insurance industry has overhauled the claims management process by making it faster, better, and with fewer errors.

While faster claims processing is a desired goal for most insurance companies, speed comes with the potential risk of paying more fraudulent claims.

Most Insurers are aware of this…

SOURCE : TECHWIREASIA (Tokio Marine tested an AI-driven solution for processing auto claims in Japan)

Claims automation, powered by AI-driven InsurTech solutions, has been presented as the solution to all the woes associated with inefficient and sluggish claims processes.

Manual inspection and processing of vehicle damage are inefficient, not to mention error-prone. …


Augmented reality is a game changer, not just in classrooms, but in the training industry as a whole!

Augmented reality is bridging gaps by improving learning engagement and retention in real time while delivering real business benefits.

According to IDC, business leaders using AR are experiencing greater efficiency, increased safety…

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