AI-driven Vehicle Inspection to Transform Car Rental Companies

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2 min readJul 10, 2021
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Fewer and fewer sectors today are holding out when it comes to artificial intelligence. That latest convert: The Car Rental Industry. AI offers undeniable advantages when it comes to assessing the state of a vehicle.

Despite the technological advancements, routine tasks, such as rental car inspections, continue to remain manual and labor-intensive. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies are bridging this gap.

Here’s a look at how rental car inspection automation using AI can make the car rental process painless:

Usually manual car inspections follow a strict SOP , which includes paperwork and hours of manual work. And accuracy of this Inspection might also vary from person to person. Costs associated with manual Inspections are also higher. Time taken by each Inspection ranges from 10 to 20 minutes which can cause a delay in the whole process. Delayed process, lack of transparency can cause a bad customer experience.

With automation and AI-powered technologies, car inspections will be easier both at the pick-up and drop-off points. Instant Image capture and AI processing can generate real time Inspection results with consistent Accuracy. With the Damage Assessment Report the Car rental company and the customer can maintain a sense of transparency before and after the service.

Some Car rentals prefer 360 degree scan using closed-circuit TV cameras or Drive in-out Scan Booths , while some rental companies prefer Users or agents to capture a 360-degree video of the car. In Both the cases this content is uploaded to the company app or website , followed by the AI/ML powered analysis and Report generation.

Accordingly, the customer can be rightfully billed for the damage that they cause to the vehicle. It will also overcome any concern regarding the rented car damage.

Overall, it will create a mutual feeling of trust between the customer and the service providers due to the sharing of verifiable data. As a result, car rental companies will register increased customer retention, profitability, and growth!

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