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Augmented reality is a game changer, not just in classrooms, but in the training industry as a whole!

Augmented reality is bridging gaps by improving learning engagement and retention in real time while delivering real business benefits.

According to IDC, business leaders using AR are experiencing greater efficiency, increased safety and improved knowledge transfer among employees.

As the technology landscape changes, global workplaces are finding new ways to help their employees thrive. Today’s technology allows for more immersive and enriching ways to share and scale knowledge.

Augmented reality (AR) technology provides employers with richer and more cost-effective options for on-the-job training, experiential coaching and knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Augmented reality in corporate training has been shown to improve critical aspects for an organization such as communication, collaboration, training, and more. Here’s some of the leading augmented reality training ideas for tomorrow’s corporate training spaces.

Increases Communication efficiency

It is rare for an organization to not use video conferencing, instant messaging, or screen sharing tools to foster collaboration and problem-solving. However, AR can go beyond to increase efficiency in the workplace.


Instead of trying to verbally describe how to fix a problem with a product, an employee can quickly show a team mate(or customer) the solution using AR.

Onboarding and Collaboration

AR can provide new hire trainees a more authentic view of their job tasks and responsibilities.

This inevitably reduces the time of assimilation into their role and organizational culture, at the same time decreasing the runway for them to be more productive.


AR enthusiast Faldi describes -

“AR enables immersive training without leaving the workplace, it provides new ways for trainers to illustrate, demonstrate, and explain. It is well documented that hands-on learning is more effective for many learners. After completing a task guided by AR (or a combination of AR and expert), trainees are much more likely to recall the necessary steps the next time they perform the task.”

Benefits of Training with AR

  1. Immersive Online Training Through AR Simulations
  2. Realistic Gamification of eLearning Courses
  3. Visual Feedback in Assessments
  4. Advanced Learning Analytics

Training is the learning of new skills. Until recently, learning was accomplished through textual content and visual elements like static images. Learning done in this manner has certain limitations, which made the learning experience restricted.

With the innovations and changing trends in augmented reality, this interactive technology brings users a refreshing way of consuming content that immerses users into the environment.

It levels ups the learning experience, which ultimately results in higher skills acquisition. In fact, for the corporate sector, it will also benefit in retaining trained talent.

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