Automation of Pre-Delivery Inspection for Car Dealers

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2 min readJun 2, 2021

In the age of digital disruption, what sufficed as best practices in selling a used car 10 years ago or even 5 years ago-no longer applies in present scenario.

When dealing with used cars, the buyers doubt increases, due to the lack of transparency of a specific used vehicle’s maintenance , damage and repair history. These challenging factors are compounded by increased competition in the dealership marketplace.

With the advent of Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms, both buyers and dealers can benefit in just a matter of minutes.

Computer Vision based-Vehicle Damage Assessment system can detect multiple types of damages . Issues with fit & finish, panel alignment, damage, dents, scrapes, and scratches can be automatically detected with a corresponding vehicle report detailing the severity, extent, location, and type of damage.

The full vehicle report is produced in seconds and can be integrated into common business and dealer systems to further automate the inspection.

Automating vehicle inspections via a mobile phone now makes it possible democratize the vehicle inspection to anyone with a mobile phone, including the end customer.

Up to 80% of customers experience doubt when buying a used car. Dealers can now increase customer confidence by providing increased transparency through Digital Inspection reports. This will help build trust between the buyer seller relationship.

“Time is money” hence dealers can save their time from delayed manual inspections to Real time Digital Inspection. This not only saves time but also quickens the life cycle of a Car sale.

This can be a great opportunity for Car Resellers to boost online sales, As 79% of car buyers do their research online before buying a used car. By offering an upfront Damage Assessment report, dealers can build trust and reduce uncertainty among the buyers.

Overall, it will inculcate a mutual feeling of trust between the buyer and the service providers due to the sharing of verifiable data. As a result, businesses will register increased customer retention, profitability, and growth!

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