Remote After Sales Support For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

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3 min readFeb 8, 2022


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Industry 4.0 and Deep technologies are changing ways in which distributed assets receive remote support. This can help equipment manufacturers to offer the best possible maintenance support.

Instead of having to drive to the customer’s location when after-sales services are required, the technician can access the customer’s machinery remotely in order to diagnose the issues or to provide customer support during installation and maintenance. In both cases, the customer benefits from quicker response and faster fix rates for services and problem solving.

For equipment manufacturers, the existing approach to installing, maintaining, and servicing their equipment has become increasingly challenging due to the current travel limitations and changing nature of work caused by COVID-19.

Hence industrial manufacturers are turning to AR-powered Remote Assistance technology to transform how they service and support their customers and ensure field service continuity during this unprecedented time.

In a study conducted by Deloitte, unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers in excess of $50 billion every year

With easy Augmented Guided Instructions and Remote collaboration tools, this platform provides remote services to help your customers to install, maintain, and repair equipment Real time.

AssistXR has helped companies do 100% of their preliminary inspection remotely and has completely eliminated the need for a physical visit by a field technician.

How does AR powered Remote Assistance work for manufacturers?

  1. An operator experiences an issue with a machinery.
  2. The operator sends a remote assistance request to their manufacturer.
  3. Manufacturer’s expert technician receives the request , and sends a link to get on an AR powered Video call
  4. The operator then uses a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or wearable tech like AR Glass to troubleshoot the problem.

This real time solution with Visual annotations and the possibility to see all the parts of the equipment from all sides enhance the level of comprehension of information.

By reducing downtime, increasing the speed of repairs, High First time fix rates and cutting costs, remote assistance may soon become the standard in equipment aftersales and maintenance.

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