Watch-Out Trends of Augmented Reality in 2021

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Augmented Reality has come a long way in turning heads and continues to find an integration sweet spot in more than a handful of industries now. With our handheld devices supporting Augmented Reality applications, many industries have unveiled a multitude of applications and millions of people are now using it in another capacity.

Combined with the powerhouse of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics — Augmented Reality gives a consumer a break-through option to consume, analyze and interact with more sophisticated data.

The technology is expected to it $70–75 billion in revenue by the year 2023 — so it only seems valid to have a look at the 2021 journey of the industry.

Augmented Reality Trends to Look-out for in 2021:

1) Augmented Reality <> Medicine –

AR can help save lives by showing defibrillators nearby bringing crucial pieces of information to those in need or danger. Google Glass might help new mothers with breastfeeding, patients can describe their symptoms better through augmented reality, nurses can find veins easier an example of which is AccuVein. In surgeries, Augmented Reality can assist doctors in the OR, hololens is already changing medical education and the study of anatomy.

2) Augmented Reality <> Car

In terms of data collection, AR will help track your driving details such as GPS, road conditions and hazards, your speed, or mechanical issues with the vehicle directly in your line of sight. The interesting part is that AR might just move to your rearview mirror with blind-spot vehicles projected there to prevent crashes.

3) Augmented Reality <> Classroom

With the onset of the pandemic and therefore accounting for the shift in our lives towards remote working, classrooms too, have taken adrift. Education is one field that requires AR assistance to continue the effectiveness of training the students. AR helps the students explore science in their surroundings, geometry, and other coursework. In many cases, it can also supplement the experience of field trips, historical or regional social studies.

4) Augmented Reality <> Sports

Manchester United took a lead in the sports industry to let its fans continue to be connected to the team. On October 30, 2020 — Manchester United have launched a TikTok channel saying that it pioneers the use of Augmented Reality in the creation of new channel-exclusive content.

Channel content will include behind-the-scenes stories including short-form video clips of the first-team squad, Under-23s, and Women’s players, “providing a never-before-seen perspective”, said the club.

5) Augmented Reality <> Factory

Industrial and mixed manufacturing will benefit significantly from augmented reality. The factory floor has always been a complex and potentially hazardous environment, but AR technology will provide a new level of visibility. Workers can now use augmented reality devices to have ready access to important technical information as well as identify what machinery is in use and where danger zones are located. Boeing, for instance, now utilizes AR glasses to assist technicians while wiring many of its planes, cutting production time by 25 percent and greatly reducing errors. Expect this to become cross-industry, improving production speeds and product innovation.

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